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Chapter 17: Page 3

September 7th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Aaand another Friday update because I have literally not been home long enough to do this for the past 2 weeks...the major problem with DC is that I have to do it on my desktop instead of the laptop, which means I can't really work on it while I'm like, in between classes at school or otherwise somewhere other than my house. And unfortunately I'm not there much as of late O_o;

ANYWAY, it figures that Dae's first lines in almost a chapter would be an insult to Riza. They're probably not AS mad at each other at this point...but still irritated.

Also, since NONE of you managed to guess right, Maya's Dreamstone is a Lapis Lazuli. I do realize it was pretty hard to tell with the grayscale and all though; I really did just mean for you to guess, not be able to figure it out. I tended to pick a lot of stones you wouldn't immediately think of for the Dreamstones. Like, you're not going to find a diamond or ruby or emerald or sapphire one. Therefore, your Question of the Update is, of course, what do you think some of the OTHER Dreamers' stones will be? I'll tell you how many you guessed (if any) next week.

And You Say...

GlowingRain says,

My guess is tiger's eye, cause I like that one :p

Drakeflame13 says,

I say a Lion would be ......Crimson ... or that would be a Dragon's ......

_Ashen_ says,

Well, since the two Dreamers that we now know of have blue gems: Apatite? Benitoite? Beryl? Corundum? Tourmaline? Kyanite? Larimar? Sodalite?

Okay. I think I'm out of random blue stones... :D

Salimus says,

Hun, is she a panther because of her native country? Just a thought. .-.

Hazumirein says,

@_Ashen_: Not all the Dreamstones are blue haha. They can be any color.

@Salimus: Sort of. The Dreamer's animals don't HAVE to be local to where they live, but they often are.

f0xhole (Guest) says,

Hmmm...Topaz, maybe?

Comments, anyone?