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Chapter 17: Page 7

September 24th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Color! Because I thought you guys deserved that much since I randomly missed last Thursday's update |P I don't even know what happened there. It was just an all-around off-week. Also, this page has pretty much every character we're dealing with at the moment, so it struck me as a good one for coloring. This is probably one of my favorite color pages I've ever done, actually. It just kinda came out nice. You have no idea how much I wish I could do the whole comic like this, but it just takes an extra couple hours that I usually don't have :T

Meanwhile, the person that guessed that Chico's eyes were bright green was correct; good call Malkus.

Also we find out an interesting tidbit about how Maya and Chico communicate, and it scares the hell out of Luna XD

Also also! Xan's hungry and Faro finally reminds Riza that the rest of them are, you know, still outside.

Aaand that is all I have to say. Question of the Update: What kinds of shenanigans do you think might occur if Riza and Luna COULD communicate telepathically? Just come up with a situation of some kind; funny, serious, whatever. (If you'd like to take it a step farther, feel free to write it out as a sort of fanfic XD)

And You Say...

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Geez, awkward side conversations or history lessons probably. I don't think they could do much else other than joke about other people in "silence"...

LordSeth (Guest) says,

It does look really nice. And I do really like the layout.
Geeze, poison demons really are radioactive!

As for the question...Involuntary tail wagging?

the being says,

Yay color~!

I like how you made the colors different for each character...certainly helps reading!
...uhhh, geez, Luna probably has some personal thoughts she wouldn't want Riza to hear...but in the long run they'd get to know each other better(after a number of awkward moments of unintentional telepathy) and then be best friends forever! :D

Malkus says,

I win!

ON TOPIC, however, I imagine that Riza would dig deep. Simply for the sake of curiosity. For example, to see what her connection to Lunos is. At least, that's what I'd be doing.

Xweetke says,

sooooooooo frikkin pretty!!! <3 Thank you for coloring this page <3

Comments, anyone?