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Filler: Role Reversal

September 27th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

...Well, species reversal. Close enough. For anyone that's ever wondered what Rize would look like as a werewolf demon or Luna would look like as a half-wolf (I used her outfit from chapters 4-6 here because it sort of made more sense).

Uh, about the filler least I'm posting something? I was gonna do the page today but then got asked to work last minute |P I'm just gonna be honest, my schedule for the next month is seriously filling up, so kind of...don't be surprised if updates drop back to one page a week or something. It's like I have class a couple days a week, work a couple days, and most of the remaining time is for homework D: Sorry, I don't know what's going on but every time I look at my calendar it's like something else mysteriously appears. Shdksajfdskfhd. Life.

Actually, to be completely honest, it's getting to that point in life where I just plain have other things to do, and I just can't make DC a priority, especially since I'm not planning on having an art-related career anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not quitting or anything, I'm just saying to not be surprised if I randomly miss updates because something else came up :P

ANYWAY. Question of the Update: What kind of bizarre differences do you think there would be in the story if Luna were the Dreamer and Riza were the demon guardian? Speculate.

By the way, if I disappear from SJ for unknown lengths of time, usually Twitter's a pretty good indicator of what I'm up to, and I post a lot of doodles and whatnot on Tumblr. Feel free to pester me on either.

And You Say...

_Ashen_ says,

Oh... my... Ummmmm.... Luna would be a very cranky Dreamer. lol. Riza would probably be all over wanting to find out what was going on and Luna would probably just want to hang around no do much. lol. So, Riza would still be dragging her around everywhere.

Salimus says,

Luna looks like she wants to punch Riza in the face. XD

Also, you spelled Riza as Rize. X3

Silaya (Guest) says,

Yes. Just... Yes.

Comments, anyone?