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Chapter 17: Page 13

October 25th, 2012, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Aaaand scene change. You'll find out what happened with Lunos and Mr. Totem later.

Talking explanation talking blah blah.

There's a couple of small details in this page that I'm basically going to leave up to your minds to pick up on and interpret.

Question of the Update: What does Maya mean, "as far as I've heard"? Where do you think she might have gotten information on the matter?

And You Say...

PiMaster says,

How is there going to be an Antarctic dreamer? O_o

Captain Ghost says,

@PiMaster: My thoughts went the same place haha. Where there's a will there's a way I guss O:

Hazu (Guest) says,

The Antarctic Dreamer is one of those things I may be bending a few rules on haha. Stupid Antarctica and its lack of people.

Timotheus (Guest) says,

Well, there have have been residents in Antartica

Antarctica has had year round residents since the 1800's. There was a whaling station on one of its peninsulas that was occupied year round as safe harbor for whaling ships in trouble. Several exploration teams used it as a starting point. Now of course we have weather and research stations down there. I suppose the Antarctic dreamer wouldn't have to be born there, just be there at the time. There's also those junior achievement study award grants to explain why a teenager might be at a Antarctic research station. "I was studying how penguins accessorize and one handed me this crystal bead..."

Hazumirein says,

@Timotheus: I'm really curious as to whether you looked that all up or just happened to know off the top of your head.

Also I now want to draw accessorizing penguins.

GlowingRain says,

nobody noticed adrian having his arm around nirako?
Well, not really, they are sitting in the couch, but still...??
Guess this is what Hazumirein was talking about, the details that were left for our interpretation... no?

Timotheus (Guest) says,

Well... Uh...

I just happen to know a lot of useless stuff. After 60 years of being a history junkie you can't help but pick up a bunch of miscellaneous miscellanea.

Comments, anyone?