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Chapter 18: Page 3

January 7th, 2013, 11:01 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Annnd BOOM! Second page. Thought I should make up for last Monday's lack of one.

Also, there's this. I don't even know man.

Anyway, yes, Riza is teaching Xan to use a CD player. Yes, it works on Sanvolae. It's battery powered anyway. Also, the reason it's not an iPod or something is because this was 2006 and those things weren't quite as huge (I didn't have one yet, anyway).
I don't really have much of anything else to say, except that, hey, I'm pretty sure Saturday is DC's 6th anniversary, so there's that. Yayyyy.

Actually, you guys remember that livestream thing I did last year? That I think I said I'd do again and never did? Yeah. I think I might start doing those again. Because why not. Not necessarily always the comic, but that and whatever else I happen to be doodling at the time. I don't really know how to let you guys know; I guess I'll probably post a link here and on Tumblr or something and see if anyone turns up. If not, well, whatever I'll just talk to myself.

But for the record that would be taking place here whenever it takes place.

Anyway, Question of the Update: See that last panel on the previous page? With Xan and Triv and Dae with a bucket on his head? Yeah. What the hell happened there? Because I don't even know.

And You Say...

Salimus says,

Riza better be careful when picking up her CDs! She could scratch those very easily with those claws.

Hazumirein says,

@Salimus: She's not careful with them even when she doesn't have claws. All of her CDs unfailingly stop working after awhile, which is probably shy she mostly just burns them haha.

Soriel1 says,

Teaching how to use Earth tech to a world based on magic, the beginning of something tremendous: Magic Players! No more CD, no more batteries! All the music you like!

Hazumirein says,

@Soriel1: Hahaha unfortunately I think something like that would be beyond the capabilities of Sanvolae's magic system...maybe? I think?

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

Good lord Riza, who taught you how to pick up CDs, my mom? She picks them -and DVDs- up like that and it bothers me so much because, finger prints! (you have no idea how much that stupid little thing bothers me xD)

Xan looks absolutely adorable in the 2nd panel though.

TheMewgon40 says,

Remember when I said I shipped Adrian X Nirako?

I now ship them harder than ever. The Christmas special made me ship them real hard, but DISAPPEAR TOGETHER FOR COUPLE HOURS?? It's confirmed- cutest ship in all of DC is canon!! XD

Comments, anyone?