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Chapter 18: Page 4

January 10th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know I wasn't too happy with the sketch of this page but I guess the finished one looks alright. Hm. *shrug*

In case any of you were wondering, chances are Riza's letting Xan mess with like, an old CD player/headphones, not something she currently cares a lot if he breaks.

Anyway, that's actually about all from me, so, Question of the Update: Since we're on the subject, what various kinds of music do you think the DC kids would enjoy?

Also, Song of the Week: This has nothing at all to do with DC other than it's one of the songs that I first heard around the time this takes place and that shaped my current music tastes (and it's probably to blame for the fact that I still have the music tastes of a 14 year old) - "I'd Do Anything" - Simple Plan. It's not unlikely that this is on one of Riza's CDs hahaha.

And You Say...

Shiny pokemons!! says,

A lot of different ones.

I'm into anime, so there's lots of japanese music on my Iphone. I do have my fair share of english songs too!

Current fave song is Miracle by Shinedown. :D

zetina says,

That Riza drawing from behind on the last panel is best drawing. I am serious. It just stands out in how well structured it is (looks to me).

The volume being too high was my first thought when she put the headphones on 'im. Happens too much to me... *rubs ears*

Ginsy (Guest) says,

Perhaps they would like Nightcore music? Gotta love it XD

Comments, anyone?