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Chapter 18: Page 8

January 24th, 2013, 9:21 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

HERE. HERE IS YOUR PAGE. *throws it* I dunno why but I just couldn't make myself concentrate on this O_o Oh well.

I am going to take a shower now and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

Question of the Update: How DID the apparent forest fire Raus is talking about start, since he doesn't know?

Song of the Week: "Working" - I Fight Dragons. I could pretty much pick any IFD song and it would fit DC in some way, so here's this really quick, unthoughtthrough one. Though truthfully this could practically be a theme song for human Riza, now that I AM thinking about it.

And You Say...

Shiny pokemons!! says,

Something tells me it's the villians fault! Or some annoying human/mage being a total ass about the forest.

Soriel1 says,

This is why you always need to watch over the campfire.

Hazumirein, you might want to check the fan stories I wrote for a new vote comic. They are on the forum.

LordSeth (Guest) says,

Raus: "Well, I was trying to get rid of evidence when I wore Luna's old-"
Everyone else: "..."
Raus: "I mean, a mage burned it down."

Gasp! you used the forums!?

Soriel1 says,

on the front page, there's the word forum. Clicked it when wondering where it would lead me. DreamCatcher has it's own forum.

Hazumirein says,

@Soriel1: Oh God the forums. I forgot those were even there; no one really used them much to begin with and no one ever uses them now. But actually that probably was a good place to post the writing stuff.

The story/comic ideas are cute, by the way :3 I like the birthday one; only problem is that Riza hates dresses too haha. But that's minor. It's also generically a little hard to find dresses (or clothing in general) that actually FITS Werewolf Demons; most of the time they either sew things themselves, tear up large human clothes to fit, or have them custom tailored.

ANYWAY. I barely have time for the main comic let alone extras, but if someone else wants to draw one or both of those up be my guest :3

(Ironically enough there's supposed to be a bit way later in DC where they actually do get invited to a fancy party that they can't very well turn down, but I'm not actually sure what to do with Luna for that yet)

Malkus says,

I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's Lunos's fault. To get under Luna's fur?

Soriel1 says,

Glad you like the stories. And I laughed when I read that they will be invited to a fancy party. Guess it won't be as perfect as what is depicted in the fan stories. Pour Luna and Riza, being forced to dress up.Hope there's a werewolf Demon that works as a tailor, they might need it.

And don't worry about being late with the comic or doing one of my fan stories, go at your speed and everything will be alright.

Groudonkid (Guest) says,

And just like that, I have read your entire archive for so far. I really enjoy it. I kind of miss the action from the first few chapters though. I've noticed that you have several charcters whom change form (Raus, Faro, The dragon lady thing) will Riza be able to do this too eventually? Is Aishianas (I'm sorry if I garbled the horse's name) a dreamer as well?
I can't wait for your next update!
Good luck with your work, may you continue to be successful and may your talent continue to grow.

LordSeth (Guest) says,

I use the forums on rare occasion. Lately I've been posting a little art there, some of it has to do with DC. Might do that more often now.

Soriel1 says,

Maybe we should work together for a new vote comic.

LordSeth (Guest) says,

That would be fun. If you don't mind sketchy drawings that are uploaded via camera.

Soriel1 says,

I really don't mind! A sketch is better than none.

Hazumirein says,

@Seth and @Soriel1: A collaboration is born! You two have fun. Also, Seth, I can't believe you're actually still using those forums, I didn't even notice D: If you don't mind though I will totally stick your DC related arts in the fanart section at some point.

@Groudonkid: 1) Glad you're enjoying the comic! 2) The action will be back very soon, don't worry; there's just been no real place for it in the story recently (also it's a pain to draw so I may have been subconsciously avoiding it XD). 3) Yes, Riza will be able to change form eventually (that's another thing that's going to come up sooner than you think), and no Arashi is not a Dreamer. 4) Thank you!

Evonix (Guest) says,

Woods are supposed to burn occasionally, the trees bulk protects it and the ash makes good fertilizer.

Comments, anyone?