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Chapter 18: Page 10

January 31st, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Also: I always knew there was a reason I designed Luna with a scarf.

Anyway. I completely admit that I had no idea how to approach drawing a burnt forest so if what it's supposed to be comes across alright here, consider me impressed with myself. Also I don't even know if you can SEE the little leftover fire in front of Luna in the fourth panel but yeah that's what she's swiping dirt onto in the next one.

Sorry there's no dialogue but considering that she's the only one there, there's really no need for it :P

And finally in case you couldn't tell, yes that is the remains of her hut at the bottom.

After this scene is over I'm never drawing a burnt landscape again because that took WAY too much time to shade XP

Question of the Update: Hmm...since she's not talking, what do you think Luna's thinking about on this page?

Song of the Week: I...can't actually think of anything suitably solemn for this...tell you what, why don't you guys suggest some stuff? Actually just suggest songs to feature in general; I need more variety in the choices and it'd be good to have other people's input.

And You Say...

Alonaria says,

Poor Luna. D:

Soriel1 says,

Song suggested: Dust in the Wind, Kansas version.

My guess at what Luna'S thinking: Why did this had to happen?

Comments, anyone?