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Filler: Sidestory Part 2

March 2nd, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Derp. Part 2 of this little sidestory thing. Last one'll be up Monday.

You guys can basically consider this a canon thing that's happening in the DC timeline if you want, by the way. It's not especially relevant, but hey it's there.

Hazumirein says,


“I’ve…been doing some thinking, I guess, since Nirako came here…”
Daemian paused for a second, then continued what he was doing, moving a sponge in a circular motion over the surface of a dirty plate. “Go on,” he said.
Riza bit her lip again, but quickly let go when she nearly punctured it with one of her sharp canines. “It’s just…she said she has a village to go home to, and since you two grew up together--”
“Hold on,” Dae interrupted. “We grew up together, but we weren’t from the same village, if that has something to do with this. They were close to each other, sure, but they were different places.”
Riza blinked. “Oh. Well, still. I don’t think that really matters. But I was thinking that if you guys were such good…friends…growing up, then maybe it’d be a good idea if you both just got out of here and went back there…” Her words became increasingly quiet as she spoke, and the last ones were barely audible.
A brief look of surprise crossed his face, and then he slowly put down the plate and sponge, resting his hands on the edge of the sink. He looked down at her for a long moment, expressionless, then suddenly seemed to comprehend her words. “Wait a minute,
Riza held in an exasperated sigh. “I said the two of you should go back to Nirako’s village.”
“Yeah, I heard you, but
why?” Daemian asked, confusion written all over his face.
“Because,” Riza said before she had a chance to stop herself, “this Dreamer stuff shouldn’t be any of your concern. There’s no real reason for you to be here, either of you, and this is probably just going to keep getting more dangerous. There’s no good reason for you guys to risk yourselves just to help me.”
He looked down at her again, eyebrows slightly raised. “Well aren’t you self-centered.”
It was Riza’s turn to look confused.
“What? I’m looking out for you! How is that self-centered?”
He raised a dripping finger. “You’re assuming that I’m here all because of
you. And while I do owe you one for pulling me out of Kraydir--”
“No you don’t,” Riza interjected.
He continued, ignoring her, “--That’s not the only reason I’ve stuck around.”
“Oh really?” Riza asked, getting irritated. “Well why
are you here, then?”
Dae hesitated briefly, suddenly looking less arrogant and more unsure. “Two reasons,” he said. “First, based on what we’ve found so far, I already am involved in this a little more than I’d like to be.” He ignored her questioning look, and continued. “Second, I don’t belong in Nirako’s village, trust me. Even if I left, when it comes down to it, I’ve got nowhere to actually go back to.”
“Didn’t you say your hometown and Nirako’s were close to each other?” Riza inquired. “Why don’t you just go back to yours?”
He was silent for a long moment, staring into the soapy water. “I can’t do that,” he mumbled eventually. “If I could, I would have by now. But I can’t.”
Riza was about to ask why when things suddenly started adding up. The kidnapping by Lunos, the reactions to various bits of information they’d obtained, his word choice now and every time anything about his past came up. Instead, a new question formed in her mind. “Daemian…” she began, narrowing her eyes slightly as he looked over at her.
“What are you?”

And You Say...

benebob says,

A Dragon! O.o

IcyPheonix (Guest) says,

A half, something?

Hiccup (Guest) says,

He's obviously part magical demon or something from an alternate universe.

Or something.

Comments, anyone?