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Chapter 18: Page 17

March 18th, 2013, 5:34 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey, I said there should be a page today; I didn't specify what time. But hey here it is.

Fun fact: Lunos is probably one of the most fun characters to draw in the comic because he is simultaneously a big menacing werewolf demon and an overgrown puppy.

Anyway, this is actually the second to last page in the chapter, so this one's super short. Which is weird, because it was originally a normal length chapter script and then I actually added this scene in post, so I'm not actually sure how I wound up with so few pages for this one. But that's okay! I'm both very excited for and very afraid that I won't know how to draw the next couple chapters, but they're pretty important and I've been waiting for aaaaggeeeeesss to get to the next arc.

Honestly I don't think what happens is going to surprise anyone at this point, but whatever.

Anyway! Question of the Update: Who is this "Oberon" that villain-guy is speaking of? (And anyone who says the fairy king is kicked out of the fandom. Okay not really but it's not my fault Shakespeare had so many steal-worthy names in his plays)

And You Say...

Drakeflame13 says,

Betting a talking bear

pegasiger says,

well if your giving the character any ties to the name, im guessing he's gonna end up taking some twisted fancy to one of our peeps...*cough* riza *cough*

MetaFawful says,

It's probably going to be a giant hulking monster. Or demon, whatever. And I like Shakespearian names too- like "Florizel", for example.

Comments, anyone?