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Chapter 19: Page 3

April 4th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


I think I may have messed up the scale of Chico and the little spike demon compared to Raus, here. They probably shouldn't look that big. Oh well.

Question of the Update: Did you guys get anyone really good on April Fool's Day? How? :3

This is actually done early and I'm uploading it on April 1st, and I'm still laughing at my Tumblr dash being 98% Misha Collins.

As for the Song of the Week...I don't actually have one (a real one), but I do have another question. Do any of you DC fans have, like, musical talent? As in the ability to compose and record songs of any sort? Because I've wanted to get someone to create some kind of theme song for DC for a REALLY long time, and I don't know why it's never really occurred to me to ask you guys. I've seen a couple other webcomics doing contests and the like to put together full fanmade soundtracks, and while I don't think DC has a large enough following to pull something like that off, I figure at least one of the almost 800 of you on SJ alone has the ability to put together one song.

So, if anyone would be interested in doing something like composing a DC theme song, let me know. I might just be willing to like, commission someone, or have it done in exchange for some art, or if there's enough people interested then maybe I can make a little contest out of it. Have everyone submit something and let the rest of you vote for your favorite or something.

ANYWAY, yeah, CALLING ALL MUSICIANS. I need you. Comment or PM me if you'd be interested.

And You Say...

Malkus says,

April Fool's "JOKE"

My roommate woke me up with ten thousand volts to the elbow. -_-

SpiralofDragon (Guest) says,

I have some experience composing, but since I mostly do classical, I'm not sure how helpful that is. As a reference, most of my music time is spent on oboe...

Comments, anyone?