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Chapter 19: Page 20

July 1st, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Contemplative/worried Riza is a little weird. To both myself and the other characters in the comic.

Question of the Update: What in the world could Dae of all people have to say here? He's not about to try to make her feel better, is he?

And You Say...

Malkus says,

Oh, certainly not. He's not THAT nice, is he? It's probably a long shot, but perhaps we'll get an insight into his past here? I think he'll try to relate to her somehow.

And with past foreshadowing (what was the species called? Nagri-lah or something?), this could get quite interesting.

DaughterofBastet (Guest) says,

I just wanna say I'm really noticing how your art has improved from the first couple of pages, and I'm pleased to be following your comic (even if all the really mysterious stuff is still up in the air arglblargh). :D Keep going, onward and upward!

Soriel (Guest) says,

I doubt he want to make her feel better. Maybe he want to say sorry for being a jerk or anything else.

Comments, anyone?