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Chapter 20: Page 2

August 12th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I'm just going to casually apologize for being MIA for like a week and a half on account of personal issues. Nothing awful, just kind of a bad mental health week that wasn't allowing me to focus on much of anything. But! I think I'm good now so here's this.

Uhhh I don't actually have anything else to say but HEY LOOK MONSTER.

Question of the Update: What exactly are our heroes going to DO about the giant monster thing charging toward them, anyway?

And You Say...

Beon says,


QOTU (Guest) says,

Run from it?

TCRanch says,

Hit it in its weak spot for critical damage? ( sorry if I got it wrong, I don't know that quote very well)

TCRanch says,

Hey sorry for the double post, but why doesn't the link to palace in the sky work?

Hazumirein says,

@TCRanch: That is...a really good question about the Palace in the Sky thing. I didn't even realize it didn't work anymore and I can't seem to find the original website where the link came from. Maybe it's just gone now?

Comments, anyone?