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Chapter 20: Page 7

August 29th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

File "gymnastics" under Things You Probably Didn't Know Xan Was Good At. It goes right next to math and ballroom dancing.

(Any actual gymnasts in the crowd are going to correct me on this page, I'm sure, but I tried.)

(Yes, I realize with the way the last panel on the previous page was drawn that that save was a bit of a stretch, but that was kind of an artistic failing on my part.)

Question of the Update: I was thinking about the way you guys see my characters based on what you've seen in the comic vs. how I see them in my head. From time to time I do notice that you guys seem surprised when characters do/don't do things because you interpreted them a different way than I did, which makes sense since obviously I have a lot more information to work with than you. So, I have a challenge for you: Pick a DC character, anyone you want, and write a couple sentences or a paragraph or two about how you see them based on what you've seen in the comic. Describe their personality from your point of view, tell me what you think their likes and dislikes are, etc. Whatever you want, really. I'm just curious to see things from you guys' perspective.

Song of the Week: "Invincible" - Adelitas Way. Suiting for the scene and generally just a great fight song for someone as cocky and confident as Xan.

And You Say...


love this page!

Comments, anyone?