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Chapter 20: Page 10

September 30th, 2013, 3:05 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


And now that we've gotten past the hell that was September as far as work goes and I should be home for more than like a few hours a week, maybe I can actually start updating regularly again. Hopefully.

Also, this page took just a little longer than I anticipated with all the effects and whatnot.


For the record, the fact that Xan's sword has switched hands in the third panel isn't really an artistic error for once; he's just surprisingly ambidextrous, especially when it comes to that thing, so he switches a lot.

Question of the Update: If you had to take the main characters in the comic (let's go with Riza, Luna, Dae, Nirako, and Xan) and had to order them from best to worst fighter, what do you think the order would be?

And You Say...

_Ashen_ says,

I'm basing this off of my knowledge of their training and what we've seen so far in the story.

1.) Nira
2.) Xan
3.) Luna
4.) Riza
5.) Dae

I'm a little iffy on Dae and Riza. I think they're about tied, but they have the potential to become better fighters. Riza owe out because of her saving Dae before.

the being says,

I second Ashen's list! :U

Malkus says,

Lists of lists

Anywho, we know Dae's hiding something. For lack of information on the topic and perhaps my own biases, I'm going to guess that he's some sort of were-creature or summoner dude....or something.

As such, my list would be:
1. Luna (Maybe I'm a bit biased, but werewolves are awesome. Or...wolf-demon? I forget the terminology. But she's been fighting for a long time (experienced), not to mention that thing with Lunos and her past. Obviously trained somehow, plus all the experience? I think Luna would definitely come out on top).
2. Nirako (she's a ninja, plus she's blind. A blind ninja. If that doesn't remind anyone of Daredevil, perhaps I'm getting old. But major points for that).
3. Xan (he's a badass with fire, obviously. But I think he perhaps lacks the experience that Nirako and Luna have).
4. Dae (that big hidden secret past, eh? *nudge nudge/wink wink*).
5. Riza (no experience, is a high school girl from Earth).

Comments, anyone?