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Chapter 20: Page 17

December 12th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Jesus Christ, it's just been one thing after another the past few weeks. Thanksgiving, finals (mostly those), and a rather large amount of work hours don't exactly lend well to comic production. BUT. At the very least finals are over, so I don't have school to worry about for a bit, which means I intend to spend the next few weeks attempting to finish this stupid chapter. Meanwhile, here's this page. If I don't have another up by Monday you have every right to harass me to no end.

However, I guess I might as well tell you guys this semester isn't looking any better in terms of me having enough free time to do regular comics. I have an internship that I'll presumably be at almost as much as a full-time job, on top of a full class schedule, on top of working once or twice a week still just to cover my gas costs. I'll do what I can, just don't expect updates to be much more regular than they have been the last couple months :P

MEANWHILE, if I remember right it's Daemian's birthday today, so there's that.

Question of the Update: Who do you think is gonna catch up to Oberon first, Arashi/Dae, Luna, or Twyla/Ade?

Song of the Week: "Satellite" - Rise Against. Just because.