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Chapter 20: Page 21

December 26th, 2013, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

HI GUYS MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS (or whatever holiday you prefer).

Here is a page.

FYI, Oberon's not dead or anything, just a little out of breath. He's not necessarily built for hard running.

Question of the Update: HOW WAS YOUR HOLIDAY? Get any good presents? Eat any good food? Have any weird conversations with family and friends?

Song of the Week: In light of the kind of crappy situation that the DC characters are in at the moment, I'm leaving you the kind of crappy Christmas song that is All Time Low's "Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass". Enjoy. Or get offended that I'm ruining the holiday, take your pick.

And You Say...

Zoal says,


Hey, i noticed how awesomly your website is laid out, and i was wondering if you wrote the code for it yourself or if you got someone to, because i really need help trying to figure it out (like how to add a character page, and something on the side of the webcomic pages.) Anything you could tell me would help.


Hazumirein says,

@Zoal: I made the layouts mostly in Photoshop, so that did a lot of the basic coding for me. I just had to add tables (lots of tables) and text and whatnot. It still takes forever, but not as long as it would've if I'd literally written all the code myself haha(not that I'm skilled enough to do that anyway). My site's pages are literally just PS images that I've cut up with the slice tool and assigned links and other stuff to. Uh, it's hard to explain exactly how it's done; you'd probably be better off googling tutorials. There's plenty of them out there. As far as adding a character page and stuff goes, if you're using SJ's hosting and you go into "Manage Webcomic", there should be a button for "Custom Pages". You can create extra webpages there and just add them to the links on the rest of the site.

Zoal says,


Thanks, but i think i found a way. i have a friend who's a Comp Sci major and he said he'd help me out, i'm going to have to learn HTML for my computer class next semester anyway, so yeah. lol. but hmm. i didn't realize you could use a photoshop image to write code, i'll have to investigate that... (and get photoshop, because i'm using free stuff for my pages, they also don't look anywhere near as good as yours do)

Comments, anyone?