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Chapter 21: Cover

January 20th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I think I'm just gonna not comment on this cover and let you guys makes your own assessments.

Question of the Update: Speaking of chapter covers...sometimes I find myself not exactly sure how to handle the design with those things. It's always a balance of making them related to the chapter without giving away too much. So my question today is, what is your favorite chapter cover (or covers) for DC to date? I think there's enough of them to choose from at this point :P

And You Say...

Zoal says,

A feeling...

I have a feeling that I sooooo called what's going on with Daemion. and this cover is fantastic! but i'll have to go back and look at the other covers again for my all time favorite: (five minutes later) I'll have to go with 14, 20, or 21. I love fourteen, but the group shot in 20 was fantastic, and the expressions and foreshadowing which creates so much suspense on this one is great, plus Dae's my favorite character XD But i loved the style and artwork of 14.

zetina says,

Dragon shadow :U

I HAVE A RANKING notreally
#1 is the chapter 18 cover
#2 is chap 14
#3 - chap 20

the being says,

I think thiiiis is my favorite cover! :o

Zachire says,

Yep, this cover is pure epicness

Comments, anyone?