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Chapter 21: Page 10

March 7th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, one day late's not too bad. Clearly this wasn't a case of it being a difficult page so much as I'm just never home anymore :P

ANYWAY can you guys read that bit at the bottom? I mean, it's supposed to be sorta foggy and unfocused but I guess it should still be legible. More or less.

Oh, in case anyone couldn't tell, the fizzing in the third panel is just Oberon dripping acidic drool onto the grass. Gross.

Question of the Update: Alright, since I'm sure you're all thinking about it anyway, who do you think the text at the bottom of the page belongs to?

Song of the Week: "Crystallize" - Lindsey Stirling. You'll see.

And You Say...

Silaya (Guest) says,

Dae: h...e...l...p....*dies* me:*dammit! Daeza didn't come through! Riza: hold it!!!! *rewrites script* me:.... You didn't change anything... Riza: yes I did... Me: *looks* nirako: wtf???!!! She made the thing explode into flowers... Me: because she poked its face....?

Lol that never happened. But I have a idea! You know how animals hate dae but love riza? Boom. She calms that bitch down.
EDIT: y'know, if you wanna use that idea...

Katerang says,

Look at you getting crushed like a... I'm not sure what that last word is but that's just me being bad at reading cursive.
If I was good at reading cursive it would be totally legible.

Flame Shadow says,

"look at you, getting crushed like a twig"

The voice is who/whatever is symbolized as Dae's shadow in the cover. I kinda feel like who/whatever it is has previously been alluded to..hrm..

benebob says,

Maybe it is this dragon that kind of like, lays dormant inside him, and it only really shows when Dae is too weak to really fight it.

Comments, anyone?