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Chapter 21: Page 23

May 20th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know, I know I promised to try to make up some of the updates I've missed (instead of, you know, missing more), and I still intend to do that, just...not until like, next week. My internship is over this Friday so hopefully not having that in my way will give me the majority of my week to do comicy things.

Anyway. Riza asks the big question here, so we might as well just Question of the Update it: What IS Dae, exactly?

(I've probably asked that before. Oh well.)

And You Say...

Silaya Arctic Prower says, best guess would be some sort of half creature, half dragon, maybe? or maybe some sort of demon/daemon. or maybe he's a full dragon? or even better, half demon/dragon?

Still loving your art, dude! It's great! Your drawings are, in a single word, beautiful.

Also(because I feel the necessity): yes! First comment!

Zoal says,

I think he is a dragon child of some sort, That's the answer I've been spewing for the last like 10 chapters, and secretly hoping for, because i think it's awesome.

Greycat (Guest) says,

Well, we know that Riza's inner wolf has a major bone it wants to pick (said bone seeming to be one of Riza's acquired prematurely). Maybe Daemian is in a similar situation?

Comments, anyone?