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Chapter 21: Page 25

May 29th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Dae can be a cocky bitch at any time but right now he's really maxing out that ability.

Since I promised you guys an explanation in relation to Monday's QotU, that flamey blade thing Luna does is referred to, most commonly, as "Demonfire" (the residents of Sanvolae are clearly very creative when naming things) and it's actually an ability that all demons have, but it manifests differently in different species of demons. In werewolf demons, for example, it acts as a sort of temporary power boost, increasing speed and strength, and while it's not necessary to use it with weapons, they help with channeling it. It gives other kinds of demons different powers, and while all demons have the ability to use Demonfire, few ever actually learn to control it and use it to their advantage. The ones that do tend to be of a more human intelligence level, rather than the animalistic ones, though creatures like the spirit demons are practically made of the stuff and use it just to take a physical form. The Demonfire ability is one of the genetic things that set demons apart from animals and other beings.

Question of the Update: Alright, what's he talking about in that last panel when he refers to "his" creations?

Song of the Week: "Sound of Madness" - Shinedown. Not /exactly/ what I was looking for for this scene, but it'll do.

By the way, I said I was gonna try to get some extra pages in over the next couple weeks, so if all goes according to plan (which it probably won't), you'll see 3-4 pages a week for a bit. At the very least expect one Saturday as well as Monday. This chapter's long; I'd like to, you know, finish it sooner rather than later.

And You Say...

LouLouBaBa says,


CAN'T WAIT! Love the comic!
So I think this isn't actually Dae talking (Cocky I don't thinks his style) I think its that dragon thingy from when he passed out.

Edit: I can't seem to see Dae scar, is it hidden or has it disappeared!?

Silaya Arctic Prower says,

I swear that fucking demon god-as I think it is that possessing dae-better get the fuck out ta dae so that he can be sexy again! >:|

Comments, anyone?