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Chapter 21: Page 27

June 2nd, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I'm pretty sure I just reuse the same, like, 3 sound effect words over and over again because I can't come up with better ones.

I hate sound effects.

ANYWAY here's this I'm gonna go play the Sims some more now.

Question of the Update: I dunno, what do you think's gonna happen to Luna?

And You Say...

pokesam says,

she's spaghetti dead

SJNinja says,


Try stealing some from Paranatural. Zack comes up with some great ones.

Fwump. Fwwiiipp. Shwing. Snurkt. Those are just a selection from the most recent pages.

And I didn't take you as the kind to play Sims.

LouLouBaBa says,

Faro noooo!! *Protectively hugs Faro*

ScottishWolf says,

Damit! I reached the latest update, this story is so goood!

Soriel (Guest) says,

Luna's going to be hit by the sword, but after Faro, or another of Riza's friends, cause the Demonic Dae to lose it's balance.

As for sound effects, read the american super hero comics, they have way too much of those.

Comments, anyone?