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Chapter 21: Page 30

June 9th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

You know, when looking for reference material to draw this comic, you'd be surprised how tough it is to find a decent picture of someone being thrown into a rock (or wall, I'm not picky). So I wing it a lot.

Anyway, there's some stuff here that I feel like I should point out as significant in some way, but for the most part I think I'll just let you guys either figure it out or get surprised later when related stuff happens.

I'll point one out that's slightly less important though. Question of the Update: Luna looks more than a little upset at the bottom of the page--other than the obvious reason of "oh shit he just got thrown across a field like a ragdoll," why do you think she's so bothered by the goings on?

And You Say...

LouLouBaBa says,

Faro! Noooooo!!!!
Well now no one else is powerful enough to stop rage-Dae

Zachire says,

Noooo! Luna, dot die!

Soriel (Guest) says,

I doubt Luna will be killed and I doubt Faro is dead (he seems to have scratches on his back and unconcious in a pool of blood, but comic logic says that main characters don't die).

Now would be the best time for the demonic dae to actually start losing control and let the normal dae come back.

Hazumirein says,

@Soriel: That's not actually a pool of blood; it's just the sand/dirt around the rock. Externally, he's just scratched up from hitting it.

Comments, anyone?