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Chapter 22: Page 3

July 7th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Back to reality.

Okay, since I promised an explanation of some sort, what you've seen over the last couple of pages was intended to be a dreamlike sequence; a look at what's going on in Dae's head while his body's busy beating up his friends. It's not supposed to make perfect sense, as dreams rarely do. Just wanted you guys to know that he's still in there somewhere.

Question of the Update: Now that's she's in yet another sticky situation, what's going to happen to Riza? D:

EDIT: Yo, before this has been up for too long, I have one more question: What's your screen resolution? Does the site fit comfortably on your screen at the current size? Thinking about revamping it; want to make sure I don't make it too big for the average computer screen.

And You Say...

steelCOYOTE says,

Wolf Out Dammit!!!

the being says,

My screen resolution is 1366x768 which seems to be an odd size, especially for games. xD

But, ahh, the site here fits just fine. :)

zetina says,

obviously the answer is go super-saiyan
annnd the site fits snugly on my screen 1366x768

Comments, anyone?