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Explaning, Announcing, and General Non-Page Material.

July 17th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey! Hi. Hello.

Uh, obviously there wasn't an update Monday; I got a little caught up with work (4 concerts in a row including Warped Tour; fun, but lots of hours, achey feet, and sunburn). And obviously there isn't an update today either, save for this little preview of the half-finished next page that I'm using to talk to you.

Okay, since I missed an update anyway, I thought this might be a good time to take a short break from actually posting comics to work on...a whole bunch of stuff. Mostly pages, actually. I want to see about building some kind of buffer so this stuff like this doesn't happen as much, since I kinda have time right now. I also want to finish revamping the site, finish some art to use for promo material and the like, and some other little things, though those are second priority.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's done for the entire DreamCatcher story and such at the moment:

Chapter-by-Chapter Outline: Totally finished. Lots of chapters.
Script: About half-done, which is still way farther than I need right now.
Finished Pages: Up through whatever the last one I posted was, obviously.
Thumbnails: Up through page 13 of this chapter.
Penciling: Up through page 9 of this chapter.
Inking: ...Up through the next page.
Site: Main layout is good minus some tweaking; need to finish the other webpages but that shouldn't actually take that long.

BASICALLY, DC shall be taking a short hiatus until the end of July/beginning of August so I can get some more work done (I'll keep updating that list). I figure that's not too bad, and it'll give me some time to get things done without needing to have a page finished every couple days. So just...gimme a few weeks. I'll be back, and I'll try to post filler material in the meantime.

Hope you guys understand. This is kind of for the good of DC in general and for all of you, in the long run. See you in a couple weeks.

And You Say...

Jumping Cherry says,

Aye Captain!!

Understood!! Love the comic and will wait until the next post!! :3 Keep it up!!

the being says,

Good luck, looking forward to the new site layout! :D

zz Digital (Guest) says,

Okiday! See you then!

Soriel (Guest) says,

Good luck

Good luck to you, Hazumi. Take your time drawing. Nothing comes from being hasty when you want to do something right.

Gothika says,

Make sure to take some time for yourself too! c:

Soriel (Guest) says,

Wait, did the webpage layout just change? It seems nicer here.

zz Digital (Guest) says,

New Layout

I can get used to this. Still keeps the papery background thing while also having the block layout. Still, it does look nice, plus the main page with the never updated news is gone, so it's not really a loss there!

Zachire says,

The New layout is amazing :V

Greycat (Guest) says,

Holy Hannah this is awesome 0.o
Love the new layout.

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