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Chapter 22: Page 9

August 18th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

FYI, ice knife is just as sharp as metal knife.

Also, yes, he did just casually toss Riza aside like a ragdoll.

Question of the Update: Well, now that Xan's got a hit in, do you think he has a chance at doing any real damage or will he be thwarted again?

And You Say...

LouLouBaBa says,

Dea very good at pregastnating. You would think he would learn to stop playing with his food. Yeah, even though Xan a good fighter, I don't think its going to last long.

Pantherbrine says,

Go Xan! I don't think Xan's going to last much longer though.

ZZ Digital says,

Now stomp on Arturro's foot, Xan! (making the reasonable assumption that that is Arturro) And it'll almost be an inverse of when Raus grabbed Riza!

Probably be thwarted rather soon.

Soriel (Guest) says,

Comic logic would state that Xan almost has it's rear end handed to him when a new character jumps in the story. But eh! Comic logic is meant to be broken, so my guess is as good as any.

TCRanch says,


welp. i think xan will fight more maybe get a couple more hits, be thrashed, the someone else will jump in.

ZZ Digital (on phone) (Guest) says,

Well, I should've been able to put this together years ago. But I finally deciphered what 'Nagra-Lah' means. Answers a few questions. Raises a couple more.

It'd actually be cool if Twyla or Featherscales jumped in next. Areal battle, or dragon vs dragon.

And since I don't foresee a reasonable time to mention this in the near future, ill mention now that in reading the character page for the villain dude it mentioned him having a mix of British and Asian accent. I can't imagine that, so i'm just going to sub in Tommy Wiseau's.

Hazumirein says,

@ZZ Digital: Yeah, I have a hard time imagining his accent myself. It's basically supposed to be what would happen if someone who grew up in like, Japan or something learned British English as a second language as opposed to American English. There's a backstory reason for it, but it's not too plot-important of a detail.

He mostly just sounds British in my head, to be honest.

Comments, anyone?