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Chapter 22: Page 16

September 11th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Welp. Another one bites the dust.

Question of the Update: I don't know, is everyone looking forward to fall or no? Halloween and stuff? Because personally as much as I like it I am not ready for summer to be over :P (AKA I'm three weeks into this semester and already losing my mind, help).

Song of the Week: "Body Bag" - Hit The Lights. Just because.

And You Say...

Silaya Arctic Prower says,

ow. 'nuff said

NaginiFay says,

Seriously? When will somebody knock the right personality back into this body!?

Captain Ghost says,

Hmm... Fall might be nice!

... cause, well, it snowed back home a few times last week ^^V (I mean, I wasn't there cause of a trip to my dad's + work away from home but . . . well it's been flippin cold at work too xP)

.. it's like winter came in and slapper both summer and autumn around awhile : d thankfully it seems to be warming up a bit for one last bit, so I might have time to grab my winter gear next break x__X

.. but yeah!

I'm stoked. I'll be home for it. Gonna dress up and give out SO MUCH CANDY YES.

And I love the colours/theme in general of it, x3;;

ZZ Digital says,

I guess that's what they call a flying drop kick.

On one hand, Fall is nice. On the other hand, gonna have to readjust from sometimes overly warm days to overly chilly days.

TCRanch says,


... are you kidding?!?! yeah im ready for fall!! goodbye texas summer and its 100 degree weather and hello fall!!

The Aussie Bloke (Guest) says,

This is why you carry a backup melee weapon, kid!

Your fall is my spring. Goddamn hayfever season.

Comments, anyone?