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Chapter 23: Cover

October 16th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,


Or whatever.

Here's a chapter cover. Iiii actually might not have a page for you Monday. Remember that buffer I had? School destroyed that in no time flat, and I will be at work for pretty much the next week straight. So uh. We'll see. If I don't have a page, I have some mildly entertaining filler material to put up.

Question of the Update: Here's a challenge instead--go find the old piece of art I modeled this cover after. It's on the site somewhere.

And You Say...

ScottishWolf says,

I am calling an epic badass fight, if im wrong i will give everyone internet cookies🍪

ZZ Digital says,

Awesome cover. Even the logo in the background looks awesome.

Captain Ghost says,

Found the picture. In the doodles section.
(I actually went through it in reverse so I found it later than I would've otherwise--

but... in the process I discovered... a lot of Ship Fuel, you know that? xD)

Kinda super cool how the pages change colours/character!

TCRanch says,


arrrrg how dare you make me work for my answer!!!!

... i forgive you for any and all transgressions against me you have or ever will make. i found it... along with all the rest of your awesome art and doodles i never knew existed. if i could i would sooooo hug you now. :p

LouLouBaBa says,

I thought this looked familiar! Love all your doodles and art work, can't wait till 'dragon and wolf' happens in the comic (if it does)

Comments, anyone?