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Chapter 23: Page 2

November 6th, 2014, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

So, uh, remember how I said this would be up Monday? Well, FOR ONCE, it isn't entirely my fault that it wasn't. SJ was basically down all weekend and I couldn't even upload it in advance, and I wasn't really home ON Monday to do it, and at that point I kinda said "fuck it it can wait till Thursday". But anyway here's that.

If you guys haven't figured it out yet, my semester has taken a turn for the "so busy I'm gonna die" in the past few weeks, so, uh, bare with me for a few more weeks until we get to Thanksgiving break at least. Most of my big papers and shit are due before that because my professors are sadists that would rather they have the break to grade shit than we have it to work on it, but, hey, whatever. Don't bitch when you get half-assed papers, that's all. I'm not bitter and frustrated. Nope.

Anyway, I'll try to get you guys at least one page a week in the meantime, but no promises, and I will definitely make some time to make some of these up after finals are over.

Question of the Update: This doesn't really get discussed in the actual comic, so while I'm on the topic, how do you think Riza does in school? How does she handle getting her homework done between trips to Sanvolae? Does she even bother?

And You Say...

DuskTheHalfDemon (Guest) says,


I bet she does pretty well in school. She's a really smart girl (by my opinion since I started reading the comic). And I bet she does her homework in school when she has time or right when she get home. That's what I do actually! I either get my homework done in school when I have time or right when I get home.

ZZ Digital says,

She probably does well enough in school, but I can imagine her freaking out about an exam the next day then going over to Sanvolae to get extra time.

TCRanch says,


yeah i imagine she gets it done at school partially cause she seems easily smart enough, and i don't remeber any homework in the beginning comics. and now for fan support. good luck with your exams. i was lucky(?) enough not to go to high school or college and dropped out at 8th grade in a mennonite private school, where the 8th grade curreculium is about equal to normal 10th. buuuut, i stil only have an 8th grade education, no ged, or drivers license and im 19 1/2 years old... but im happy and trust everything will work out. and lastly whose the winner of the qotu contest? not that you have time for it.

zetina says,

may i suggest looking into improving page layouts? there have been quite a few times where i've needed a second or third read-through before i figure out the right sequence.

Hazumirein says,

@zetina: Yeahhh page layouts are one of those comic-specific things that are a little tough to learn; I haven't really thought much about them until recently. I've been working on them but it's not really something I can just improve overnight.

Comments, anyone?