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Chapter 23: Page 14

January 12th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

So I uh...I don't know. Stuff happened, page wasn't done until like, Friday night, thought I'd have time to get another one done and make this a double update, didn't.


First off: The winners of the November/December QotU contest. Since I just counted both months' answers for this, it only seemed right to pick two people. Without further adieu, your winners are TCRanch and Lila! (or Lily? I don't know if those names are the same person since they're a guest commenter, but Lila was the one that came up). You guys have each one a sketch request, you can shoot me a PM or email to claim it.

Question of the Update: Let's play a game--which of these panels would you guess I added last minute and didn't have in the original page sketch?

Song of the Week since I missed Thursday: "Kick In The Teeth" - Papa Roach. Generically good fight song.

And You Say...

DeathDragon (Guest) says,

Excellent work on the wings! ^_^

LouLouBaBa says,

Hmm... I think I'll guess the thrid panel! Love your figures in motion, its so realistic and I'm dead jealous!! All my people look like stick figures...

Pantherbrine says,

Maybe the panel on the lower left? Also, I like the drawings and comic! ^.^

ZZ Digital says,

Final and third seem the most superfluous and could potentially be removed. But who says the last minute panel wasn't unnecessary? (Official answer: final panel)

Lila (Guest) says,

Eh? What? How does QotU work? Sorry I have no idea x3 Nor do I know how PMing work either...

Oh and maybe the last one?

*I'm Lily and Lila, I just accidentally typed the letters wrong in some of the comments

TCRanch says,


Woot! Thanks Haz! And I'm gonna say the rummage panel. Seems like something easy to forgot when focusing on a different character for most of the page &#128540;

crazyhead42 says,

Aurtturo holding the knife by his teeth.

Hold it a little higher, will you? Open your mouth and bite the blade, and go for one last, semi smirky act of seduction. Pretty smooth eh? -.^

But seriously, the third inside panel is my guess at which one was the last minute add in.

crazyhead42 says,

@Lila, QotU stands for Question of the Update. We try to give answers the author will choose over everyone else's for that month, and then... well I'm not exactly sure.

Hazumirein says,

@Lila: The Question of the Update (QotU) contest is a thing where I take the names of everyone who answered the questions on each page for a given month, put them in a virtual hat, and randomly draw one (or in this case two) to win a free sketch commission of basically whatever you want. You're a guest commenter so you can't PM me on Smackjeeves, so you can shoot me an email at to claim your prize :]

crazyhead42 says,

@Hazumirein, so I don't need to worry about actually being serious in my answers? Looks like I'm pulling out the big BS cannon. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Did I say that out loud? Ummm...

(But seriously, if I don't need to be serious in answering the questions, I'm just going to go for the funny. That stuff is WAY more fun than figuring out what's actually likely.)

Edit: removed failed formatting. How do I override the alignment on this thing?

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: Nah, they don't need to be serious answers, just answers. I generally give credit as long as some vague attempt was made. And I don't know if you can override the site formatting in the comments other than maybe like, bold/italics.

crazyhead42 says,

@Hazumirin, do you at least know what version of HTML is used? I'm guessing .LT. b &gt; and -LT i &gt; are standard across many versions, but XHTML and standard HTML would use different commands for the more complicated formatting.

On that note - apparently I can't type or Believe me, I tried every combination I know for < and >.

crazyhead42 says,


If you ever EVER make a Moragi and Arturro/Riza and Dae porn video, I recommend "I Know Places" by Taylor swift. And I have to go damn David M Willis in about half an hour because of what he has done to my poor mind.

His name on his comic Dumbing Of Age is "Damn You Wills" and he does this thing he calls "Slipshine" which is apparently porn between his different characters. (That's not the part I read)

princessluna5 says,

the music playi-

the music playing while reading this page and the one before doesn't fit at all XD whatever i just let it play
time for the next page...

Comments, anyone?