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Chapter 23: Page 15

January 15th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I had to put that flashback panel of Riza picking up the kunai in there simply to make it clear that this was a Chekhov's gun scenario instead of a deus ex machina. Gotta keep those literary tropes straight.

Also, yes, I'm aware of the error in the last panel. Didn't catch it until the page was literally done. Speaking of panels, for anyone wondering, the answer to last weeks QotU was the last panel.

And speaking of the Question of the Update: Finish Arttie's statement that trails off at the end of the page. He looks like he's getting a little frustrated, doesn't he?

Song of the Week: "American Beauty/American Psycho" - Fall Out Boy. Lyrics are mostly irrelevant, I just liked the sound of it for this scene. Also yes I feature too much FOB.

Oh also, I'm tossing around the idea of offering these little expression sheet commissions for pretty cheap. Trying to gauge interest, lemme know if they're something you think you might want sometime.

And You Say...

NaginiFay says,

I'm guessing he's gonna say something along the lines of "annoying."

pokesam says,

"...good at this! Such good reflexes, wow."

DeathDragon (Guest) says,

Getting something... like popcorn.
Getting popcorn, lol. My mind is wandering.

Honovos (Guest) says,

I think he would go down and say weak since I imagine Morgai to be really strong.

crazyhead42 says,

"Laid tonight."

Sorry, had to say it.

Anyway, here's my real fake guess: "Nothing for Christmas". :P

Lila (Guest) says,

I don't know. I think it'll be "You are really getting me think things I shouldn't."

crazyhead42 says,

@Lila, are those thoughts about Moragi's host's lushous locks, or of her sparkling green eyes? Or are they of how her tail whips elegantly back whenever she jumps towards him, only to brush up softly against his leg once her mark is made?

crazyhead42 says,

Maaaaaaybe I should be banned from the comments section...

ZZ Digital says,

"really...ugly. Man, you should learn to do make up sometime."

Took me a second to figure out what the error was.
And I may be interested in commissioning one of those sketches. Not right now, but you know.

Lila (Guest) says,


No, no no, Your comments are hilarious x3. That wasn't what I had in mind when I wrote that but it could still work :P
Oh oh, and can I draw fanart of this story? :D

crazyhead42 says,

@Lila, what else could you have been thinking then?
@ZZ Digital, what's the error? I don't see it. :(

TCRanch says,


Annoying? Predictable? Slow? Sloppy? Sexy? What, what?

Hazumirein says,

I'm starting to think you guys are getting a little too invested in this Artturo/Morgai ship thing.

@crazyhead42: Morgai's eyes are gold, just FYI hahaha.

@ZZ Digital: Good to know. I'll probably offer the commissions for real next time I have a day or two off to do them.

@Lila: You can absolutely draw fanart :3 In fact it is greatly appreciated haha.

Thorn (Guest) says,

"Getting on my nerves, and your a pain in my ass!"

Lila (Guest) says,

But they're really like the perfect ship :o. I mean they look so cute together without the I-hate-you-and-I'm-gonna-kill-you part x3. Actually I'm tied between this or Riza and Daemian.

ZZ Digital says,

@crazyhead42 here's your hint:

Actually, hey Hazu? Did Riza's eyes change color when Morgai took over? They seem lighter in the present panel than in the flashback panel.

Hazumirein says,

@ZZ Digital: Yeah, they did. If you look back at the last colored page you can see they're gold instead of brown. Though to be fair I do color Riza's eyes a little orangey brown so it's kind of a subtler change than I originally intended.

crazyhead42 says,

@ZZ Digital Okay, now I see it.
@Hazumirein, yeah, maybe. Although, to be fair, Moragai and Artturo are the only ones we've seen for a bit, so it would make sense.

Comments, anyone?