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Chapter 23: Page 16

January 19th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I don't really /like/ doing pages with low panel counts like this, but sometimes in action sequences it's necessary.

Credit where credit is due, I jacked half of this page from Scott Pilgrim. Only I didn't do it as well.

Question of the Update: Clearly I could use some good reference material for fight scenes; can you think of any movies/cartoons/comics/manga that excel in that that I should maybe check out?

While we're on the topic of you guys helping me out, if any of you have any interest in journalism and maybe doing some writing for a website focused on creative media (art, comics, animation, games, music, literature, etc.) drop me a comment or shoot me a message or something. I'm starting a new thing, obviously. I'll make a formal announcement later but I thought I'd give you guys a heads-up. If you have skills like web design/coding or video/audio editing, those would also be helpful.

And You Say...

ScottishWolf says,

Vikings, Spartacus to name two, keep up the good work :D

crazyhead42 says,

Last panel: Arturro not wanting to be on bottom again.

QUOTU: There's always Teen Titans and Justice league cartoons, but fight scenes are not really my forte.

It's too bad I'm entering a transition period and my second semester of senior year, I'd love to try my hand at video/audio editing for you. It doesn't seem like a real option right now, but if you end up needing a replacement after college gets out, let me know.

Thorn (Guest) says,

you could look at bleach, naruto, um theres a bunch out there you just got look

Lila (Guest) says,

Pantheon High! Well in the middle of it anyway. That's when the action comes in, the beginning is mainly school life. There are some half animal/half humans in there along with anthos too.

Also, digital art is required right? I can sorta write.

TCRanch says,


Um. I'm not really sure. Maybe sword art online?

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: I'm literally starting this in the second semester of my senior year so I know exactly how that feels HAHA WHOOPS. But I'll probably spend the first couple months just getting things together so I'll probably still be looking for people when summer rolls around.

@Lila: Art is not required at all, I'm looking mainly for straight up writers :] If you have good spelling/grammar and like talking about cool creative things, that's good enough for me.

crazyhead42 says,

That's freaky... mostly cause it's my situation as well, but slightly different. (It gets complicated. Really quickly.)

Oh, and I forgot to mention: I can't voice act or work with myself on video. I seem to have an aversion to really anything with my physical self in it.

Lila (Guest) says,

Alright! Thank you! What kind of writing do you need?

ZZ Digital says,

exactly the skills I wish I had!

I love talking ideas, execution and dedication are usually my downfall in projects I take up.

As for fight scenes: there's any old Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan movies. Legend of the Drunken Fist is excellent. Victory Gundam is said to have some of the best choreography of any Gundam series. Certainly most believable. Sword of the Stranger and Karras are also really cool animated ones. Depends on what kinds of fights you need, I guess. Loads more out there.

Comments, anyone?