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Chapter 23: Page 17

January 22nd, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

After this arc is over I'm just gonna make a compilation of all the stupid faces Arttie makes.

Anyway, here's a page.

Question of the Update: I'm doin' a thing that I vaguely mentioned looking for help with last update; in relation to that and having nothing to do with DC, do you have any lesser known artists/writers/comics/bands/games/generally creative people or projects that you think deserve more exposure than they're getting currently? Drop me some names and links if you have 'em. Don't ask questions. Just do it. This is gonna be cool I promise. Maybe. Hopefully.

Song of the Week: "Monster" - Skillet. Just because I have no idea how this HASN'T been a SotW yet. I've been meaning to use it for ages but kept deciding on others. So fuck it, here it is.

ALSO! I'll be running around MAGfest with some friends this weekend. If any of you are going to be nearby feel free to mention so I can tell you how to track me down and say hi if you want (I will probably be accompanying either a female Pyramid Head or female Castiel cosplayer, and possibly wearing flannel).

And You Say...

ScottishWolf says,

Gut punch! Best move to use

crazyhead42 says,

That is not a Quotu I can twist. Or answer. :(
Also, I think Arturro just reached to take Moragi's dream-stone. This is not going to be good! What happens if Riza is inside the stone when she is taken?

(Side note, are the dreamers all related? The fact that Riza's last name is Wolfe, and I think the dream-catcher came from her aunt suggests a possible genetic connection.)

Majette (Guest) says,


I love that song! And it suits this arc so well!!!

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: The current Dreamers are distantly related to the original ones, yeah, but Riza's last name is just a coincidence. The original half-wolf Dreamer had a different one. They're not ALL related, like Riza and Maya aren't related, it's just a set of family trees.

crazyhead42 says,

@Hazumirein: So Riza comes from the family of half-wolf dream-keepers, and you're leaving the name at "Just Coincidence"? To that I say "Awww. :(" and "Names change. Maybe her great great great grandfather on her father's side changed his name to wolfe after being a half wolf.

Another question: if Riza were to get pregnant, what would determine the homeworld of the child?

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: The original half-wolf Dreamer's family really didn't know about the whole Dreamer thing, just like Riza's family doesn't, so it wasn't intentionally changed. That Dreamer may have married someone with the name Wolfe as a joke to herself, but that's as close as it gets to on-purpose.

Also, Riza's Dreamstone is what allows her to world jump; it's not really her personally. It's really just a key to open the Sanvolaen gate without being a resident of that world, a "guest pass" of sorts. Theoretically she could take anyone through the gate with her if she wanted. However, Dreamers having kids is a complicated matter that I haven't worked out all the details of yet, but as of now I think the theory is that it probably can't happen on Sanvolae for a variety of reasons, so it would have to be on Earth. That's not set in stone, it just seems like the easiest thing.

crazyhead42 says,

@Hazumirein, but she's not the one in control of the body right now. I thought that meant she was IN the dreamstone!

TCRanch says,


Hmm... can't really think of any myself. Sorry. &#128546;

Hazumirein says,

@crazyhead42: I meant that in terms of the gate, it doesn't open for Riza, it opens for the Dreamstone...or maybe it opens for Morgai, since she basically does live in the Dreamstone. Where Riza is currently isn't exactly a real place, it's just a head-world she puts herself in to talk to Morgai, kinda like the ice cave thing Dae and Artturo have going on. It's just a hallucination/visual representation of thought. A dream world, if you will.

ZZ Digital says,

"You punched me in the boob!"

Dang, I wish I could think of someone to put up as a response... Welp, have fun at MagFest!

crazyhead42 says,

So when Arturro steals the dreamstone, does Moragi get control of the body indefinitely, or does she follow the stone? Or can she hide somewhere in Riza until the stone is returned?

Lila (Guest) says,

Hmm maybe the author of Pantheon High? That's all I've got. I love the story plot of it and they way it's drawn. Though, it's not really well known. I'm sorry if this doesn't fit with what you're asking for. I tried, I really had no idea how to answer that QoTU x3.

DeathDragon (Guest) says,

My brothers punch me sometimes, like in the throat (that one time wasn't cool), they usually HIGHLY regret it...

crazyhead42 says,


@Hazumirein, HELP! You've graduated high-school right? Going into your second official senior year correct?

I'm feeling the Senioritis come on, and it's hitting hard! I think it's doing more damage to me than any of my friends. HELP!

(Useful) advice, strategies, tips, site-blockers, game-restricting programs, anti-procrastination measures, motivation, and anything else you have up your sleeve would be greatly appreciated by myself and probably everyone else in my class!

Comments, anyone?