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Chapter 23: Page 23

February 12th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Sorry for the block of text page. Needed Morgai to do at least a /little/ explaining.

Question of the Update: What do you think the "personal grudge" against Artturo that Morgai's referring to is?

Song of the Week: "Outlines" - All Time Low. Works well enough, I suppose.

And You Say...

ZZ Digital says,

He stole her sandwich one day and never apologized.
Or they used to be friends of sorts before things went south with the dragon war

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

"Personal Grudge"

Arturro cheated on her with another clothing distributor. Morgai had to work her butt off for YEARS before the rippling armpit streamers fad eventually died down enough that people could breathe again, as the fad was most popular with sweaty athletes and Deodorant is only so effective. After that, Morgai swore revenge on Artturro, vowing that never again would his fashion designs be popular.

Also: a "Matched Pair"? Someone feel in loooooooove. It can happen when you watch someone day and night, monitoring their every move, watching as every muscle flexes, and every construct ever created by a given individual is formed, leading to the ultimate obsession. Kinda stalkery if you ask me.

Lila (Guest) says,

I don't know. I think maybe Morgai and Arturro were the best of friends when they were younger, and then something happened which made them hate each other. Maybe they accused one another of something? Or maybe there was a misunderstanding. Also, eh opposites attract. Maybe they're more matched then they thought. And if they were humans I'm pretty sure a love hate relationship would be going on now.

TCRanch says,


one of 2 things
1. Arturro ate the last chocolate chip cookie
2. the dragon wars were started by arturro, and his reasoning had something to do with morgai, and morgai resented him starting a war over something for her.
personally, i think its the latter.

crazyhead42 says,

@aotu The cookie one seems more reasonable. I mean seriously, how would you feel if someone ate the last chocolate chip cookie?

werewolf (Guest) says,

love it!!!!!!

or artturo just want see her again
morgais team said that she willtake care of him(fighting) starting to like each other artturo pretends to kill them

Comments, anyone?