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Chapter 23: Page 28

March 2nd, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Getting a little frustrated there, Riza?

Before you ask, she just kinda shrunk Morgai's presence to get it out of the way for the moment. This place is basically the inside of Riza's head; whatever she wants to be possible pretty much is. Don't think too hard about it.

Question of the Update: Since we're talking about Riza's memories and seeing all these old panels floating around, I have to ask, what are some of your favorite moments in the comic to date?

And You Say...

Lila (Guest) says,

What do you mean by to date? Do I have to list when they showed up? Mine is where Rize said "tail!" and made that cute face like this ">w<" or something close like that.

Hazumirein says,

@Lila: I just meant your favorite moment in the story so far, up to the current page haha. No, you don't have to give me an actual date/page number.

Captain Ghost says,

These pages are so cool! I love the effect of the pictures, very well done~

TCRanch says,


Well, mine would be when featherscales first sppeared ^.=.^

crazyhead42 says,

Oh no...
no no no no no...
I was fine until you said not to think too hard about it. Now my brain is TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!

Oh, and the part where I shipped Moragi and Arturro was my favorite. Because W.A.R.S and Flowers. Still wish I could draw a knife in his mouth though. He would have looked... Ooooooh Myyyyyyyyy.

If you know what I mean.

The Aussie Bloke (Guest) says,

Riza doesn't need to zoom out to find her presence; she just needs a mirror.

And I agree with Lila. "Tail!" was my favourite moment.

Silaya Arctic Prower says,

so freaking cooooooooollllll!!!!

Comments, anyone?