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Chapter 23: Page 30

March 9th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

This...isn't much of a page, sorry. Just wanted to try to show what was happening with Riza's "squeezing together" thing. I was going for a "dying star" type of deal.

The rest of this chapter is sketched out, by the way; we're looking at 34 total pages, so it's almost over.

Question of the Update: I dunno...who likes space? I like space. Tell me about your favorite spacey thing.

And You Say...

Thorn (Guest) says,

Space space I like space

pokesam says,

my favorite thing about space is that apparently the center of our galaxy tastes like raspberry rum

Pantherbrine says,

Everything about space. :D

TCRanch says,


Well, I don't know whether to be impressed the other commenters have refrained or that no one has thought of this yet, but, SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!! My favorite thing about space is that apparently you can shoot portals onto the moon :P

ZZ Digital says,


My favorite thing ab out space? Uhhh.... space. There's lots to love. The possibilities are endless!
and...the shape of the...keyhole nebula?

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

Favorite thing about space: humans have not messes it up yet, so there's a chance we could still create a good society in space.

Yellow Core (Guest) says,



I'm in space

Malkus says,

Celestial Objects

^_^ Finally reset my password...

I'm particularly fond of quasars. You know...the energetic region surrounding supermassive blackholes at the center of galaxies?

Comments, anyone?