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Chapter 23: Page 29

March 5th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

So, I actually had a brain fart and forgot that I had the next two pages done instead of just the next one, and totally uploaded page 30 instead of 29 originally, thinking it was next. It wasn't.


Question of the Update: Okay, you've seen Dae's/Artturo's kind of ice cave lookin' headspace, and Riza's/Morgai's sparkly marble gem-stone labyrinth; what do you think yours would look like? (There are no real rules about this. Go nuts.)

Song of the Week: "Dreaming Out Loud" - We Are The In Crowd. Been saving this for somewhere in this scene.

And You Say...

starrysky789 says,

I think mine would be a white space full of doors and random stuff. I used to imagine myself there when I was younger.

ZZ Digital says,

I've put some thought into this for other reasons. So mine would be a big ol' desert. Complete with sandstorms and ruins. The ruins generally representing interests, as they're buried or uncovered over time by the winds. (interests moving around)

zetina says,

mine would be a game room + comic and tv show library :1

TCRanch says,


I've actually already pondered this for other reasons :P Mine is a hall, lined with doors, representing my choices, interests, etc. In the hall are chairs, tables, things like that.

The Aussie Bloke (Guest) says,

The inside of my head? A massive warehouse with no rhyme or reason to how things are stored. Everything is all over the shelves, floors, walls, and more than a few things hanging from the ceiling. It's kind of a mess.

Pantherbrine says,

A large maze with the walls either being mirrors or windows. No exit or entrance to it. There wouldn't be a ceiling but the walls would be high and the floor would be glass. It would be floating in darkness.

GlowingRain says,

Mine would be a library. Full of books with knowledge, books with my memories, my ideas, ...

Lila (Guest) says,

There would be sparkly rainbow kitty cats everywhere, lots of pink fluffy beds with kitty patterned blankets. It would be like a really big bed room with tree-patterned wall paper. Oh and lots of cat/dead fish/dead mice/dead bird stuff animals! <3 And a really really big white/pink bouncy bed!~ A big swirling pool of chocolate would be on the far left of my "bedroom" and it'll act like Dae's mirror and Riza's portal. :3 Of course, there'll definitely be marshmallows, strawberries and other things to dip in the chocolate. Whipcream and frosting definitely needs to be there somewhere too. I love candy and sweets ^w^. On the right would probably be two doors, a black door with a rusty lock on it, and a white one with a rusty key dangling on the door knob, unlocked. THe key on the white door will unlock the black door, which probably contains my worst nightmares. The white door will contain my memories like where Riza is at right now.

Kinmotsu_no_Yoryuu says,

My room would be a

simple existence. It would be room of requirement-esque, in that you could create something if you needed it, except that it's not really creating it, just that what you need is hidden in plain sight until you need it.

Also, it would be very warm, and there would be beds with windows that have eternal sunlight shining onto them, except that instead of sunight, it's more sunwarm so that you can sleep.

Comments, anyone?