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Chapter 24: Page 4

April 9th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

The intention of this and the last page is primarily to illustrate how totally fucking scary Morgai actually is. Not only is she HUGE, but she was in fact about to literally bite his face off right there. I'm just sayin', she's not a something you'd want to run into on a walk in the woods.

It's also probably worth mentioning that the breed of wolf she is doesn't exist on Earth, and may even be extinct on Sanvolae at this point. While the path of evolution is similar between the two worlds, there are definitely a fair amount of differences, too.

Question of the Update: Since I'm talking about it, barring obvious stuff like demons being a thing, what other evolutionary differences could you/would you like to see on Sanvolae? Like, what are some cool animals/plants/whatever that don't exist or no longer exist on Earth that you think would be cool for our heroes to encounter somewhere down the road? (There aren't a lot of rules here, just give me your favorite critters.)

And You Say...

Lila (Guest) says,

Does pokemon work? Because if it does I've got a bunch! Lapras is one of my favorites! I think it may be based off of a Loch Ness Monster. Of course I could love to meet a Loch Ness Monster here in this world! As long as I don't make it angry of course =w=. Oh and I couldn't really understand what you meant by your first question, so I answered the second one instead ^^'

NaginiFay says,

I spent an hour coming up with critters for you, and then it didn't post. Still, sabre tooth cats, megalodon, dinosaurs, mammoths, giant sloths, giant snakes, giant pitcher plants and venus fly traps, Irish elk, terrorbirds, giant eagles and ravens

LouLouBaBa says,


Sheep! Sheep! Sheep! So cool to see how the inhabitants of this new world farm :D

Casey (Guest) says,

Squirrels seem cute and relatively harmless, but I bet they had some terrifying ancestor at some point.

Window78 (Guest) says,

OOoooooh! Pick me!

Seeing as it's a magical world and all, what I'd really like to see is some literal buffalo grass. Imagine getting stepped on by a lawn.

goldwolfnhn (Guest) says,

BIG kitty

Smiladon Populator. According to WIKI it's the youngest of the smiladon family and the largest, trumping any known modern feline in size and is actually believed to have been the biggest feline altogether.

TCRanch says,


Hmm, you got me stumped on this one. :P How about... A reversed tiger shark? :P

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

How about...

Literal internet eating sharks. Why else would the world be so advanced, yet so held back at the same time?

ZZ Digital says,

Demon-leeches. Not actually demons, but leeches that feed on demon fire.
Or how about Griffons? They're really cool.

Aleeha says,

OMG! I didn't think Morgai was that big! For creatures how about bigger(like gigantic) than average insects like centipedes, and spiders

Hazumirein says,

I'm just gonna answer all of these because why the hell not.

@Lila: Pokemon is copyrighted so that's probably out, but the Nessie is feasible, I think.

@NaginiFay: So basically giant everything? I like giant carnivorous plants, I feel like Riza could get into lots of trouble with those.

@LouLouBaBa: Sheep...definitely exist on Sanvolae haha. Not entirely sure how similar they are to Earth sheep, but they're there.

@Casey: I actually came up with some kind of squirrel demon for another story I was once writing that took place on Sanvolae. Might have to look into that again.

@Window78: I don't actually know what buffalo grass is but I like the idea of a literal version.

@goldwolfnhn: Doable, I think. I like giant cats.

@TCRanch: You mean like...a tiger with shark skin and fins instead of a striped shark?

@crazyhead42: I think the internet would have to exist there to begin with for sharks to eat it. And having magic traditionally tends to slow the advancement of technology, for some reason.

@ZZ Digital: That's actually interesting, I probably wouldn't have thought of that. The leeches, not the griffons. I do like griffons though.

@Aleeha: Yes she is massive and OH GOD NO not giant bugs D: I don't even like little ones.

Anonymous (Guest) says,


Comments, anyone?