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Chapter 24: Page 9

May 14th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I know that doesn't necessarily look like a final blow, but Morgai bites have some...special properties. Trust me, it's enough.

Question of the Update: So uh, obviously this is the end of Arttie for now...what do you think is going to happen to Dae after all this?

Song of the Week: "This Is Gospel" - Panic! At The Disco. I don't know, it just...seemed suiting, for some reason.

And You Say...

crazyhead42 (Guest) says,

He's going to feel horrible in every sense of the word. Especially after this. The real question is: what's going to happen to Riza?

LouLouBaBa says,


Everyone's going to be wondering what the hell just happened except Riza and Dea :D
I wounder what this special properties are...

;D (Guest) says,


Do Morgai have a booty in the last panel? She do.


Can't wait for more comics! Keep up the great work (:

ZZ Digital says,

"Eeew, my arm has dog drool all over it!"
"Dae, you're bleeding profusely"
"Aw, now dog spit is in my blood too?"
"You nearly killed everyone."

DuskTheHalfDemom (Guest) says,

Oh lord

I haven't been on wifi in so long, I'm so freaking happy! And, for the question of the week, I think Dae is going to have to be sent to the hospital...

TCRanch says,


He's gonna feel horrid! D: First he blinds... uh... um... Ninja-gir-who's-name-i-can't-remember (or so i assume), and now nearly kills everyone.

Special properties? Interesting. :)

Comments, anyone?