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Chapter 24: Page 15

June 4th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Uh-oh. Luna doesn't look happy.

Question of the Update: What exactly is Luna gonna do, now that she's got Riza back in hand?

Song of the Week: "Dancing With A Wolf" - All Time Low. This almost works too well for this scene.

And You Say...

Lila (Guest) says,

Well, she'll probably glare at him and be like "you better explain". Also I think that whole group will probably be split into a "Keep Dae group" or "Throw him out group"

ZZ Digital says,

Riza is Luna's toy. Dae no can have.

Eh, Luna might want to kick him out an- wait, I have the perfect thing for what I think happens next:

GhastmaskZombie (Guest) says,

Well, there's a thought.

It just crossed my mind that Dae isn't the first webcomic character I've seen with a war criminal locked in his head. Does anyone here read Twokinds? If not, sorry, I guess I've just let loose a spoiler there. A very early one, though.

Hazumirein says,

@GhastmarkZombie: I do remember that from Twokinds, now that you mention it. Honestly I think I stole the whole idea from Naruto or something though; it's a pretty common fantasy trope haha.

DeathDragon (Guest) says,

I love that song you recommended, it's now one of my faves! It completely matches this page!!

phantomwolf1583 says,

She's gonna slap him. Or something. I don't really know.

TCRanch says,


Shun Dae, tend to Riza's wounds, and be all mad.

Comments, anyone?