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Chapter 24: Page 21

June 29th, 2015, 1:25 pm

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Oh, Salshira's back.

(Also sorry I'm late I forgot to upload this.)

Question of the Update: What is Salshira, anyway?

And You Say...

Salimus says,

Why is her tail coming from her back?

ZZ Digital says,

Another Nagra-Lah, like Damian.

@Salimus If I had to guess, it's because she can shift into a human form, so having a tail hole in the pants is impractical, but if she'd shift dragony and it was lower, it'd tear her pants.

The shirt is good enough, covers the front and open in the back for wings. I drew a dress similar for a half-porcupine's quills before.

Salimus says,

@ZZ Digital No, that doesn't make sense to me. Luna's pants are fine because she has a hole in them, so even if she was a shape shiftier, why wouldn't she just do what Luna's doing?
No... It just doesn't make sense.

NaginiFay says,

I think what this is, is a tail that has a long base, plus shorts that are hanging partway off her backside.

Hazumirein says,

@Salimus: The others pretty much got this, but yeah it has to do with her tail having such a wide base as opposed to a thin one like Luna's. Anatomically, you're right, it probably shouldn't be quite that high, but lizard tails on human bodies don't quite work right so I kind of had to make a call between anatomical correctness and, you know, clothes. Had I taken it much lower her butt woulda been hanging out everywhere. (To be fair, I also did just draw it too high in the third panel, even for what I was going for.)

Thorn (Guest) says,

about the tail and dragons

in all honesty the tail is actually in the right spot in terms of where the scales would typically meet the base of the tail on most dragon characters, besides with the base being the thickest part the extention of the spine would be right where haz put it so yes the tail is anatomically correct

Comments, anyone?