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Chapter 25: Page 12

October 15th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hey here you go. And now I'm off again.

Question of the Update: Whaaaat is Riza about to do, exactly?

And You Say...

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

I'm going to go with rapid fire questioning as to what's wrong and if he's known he could do that, as from her angle and lack of ability to hear what he said it looked at least somewhat intentional.

The Aussie Bloke (Guest) says,

Grab the first aid kit.

ZZ Digital says,

Use her new found look and join a stop motion Tim Burton film.

Well, she's going to find someone and talk to them, and considering how she doesn't know where anyone is, probably Dae himself.

princessluna5 says,

i would say

something like.... help him?

Comments, anyone?