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Chapter 26: Cover

December 14th, 2015, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

After all the depressing/scary chapter covers I've done lately I thought it was time for something fun.

This is kind of intermission chapter? We check up on Riza's Earth friends, and a few other things.

Fun fact: This is the only chapter you'll see for awhile that was written semi-recently. I didn't really know what exactly I wanted to do with it for the longest time so I just wrote a few paragraphs and then put off the rest for later. "Later" turned out to be "oh shit that's the next chapter I should probably finish it."

Question of the Update: You're gonna ask anyway; who do you think the new character basically tackling Riza is? (Note: I think I changed up some hairstyles and things on the others, but trust me you know all of them.)

Song of the Week: "The Rest Of Us" - Simple Plan. I missed featuring happy, upbeat songs so here's one.

And You Say...

ZZ Digital says,

All I got is "Childhood friend who moved away."

Alternatively, family member. I don't think we've seen any of them before, but I feel stronger about cousin than brother in that category.

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

I'm guessing annoying cousin of someone everyone has one of those.

Browser says,

Pretty sure I'm nearly up-to-date. My bookmarks wouldn't sync to this laptop, so I had to go through the Archive to find where I was up to. By the way, your Archive system is a LOT better than some other comics I read (some only link to chapter covers and such). Preview thumbnails, huge page, everything. Back to reading now.

Regarding that new character... Did Xan get taken to Earth? Seemed to me that people can enter the Gate World and go through Gates without a Dreamstone, if they have the help of a Dreamer. At least, it looked like that.........

Comments, anyone?