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Chapter 26: Page 15

February 4th, 2016, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

The answer to the last QotU: Neither, as Monty can barely read a thing without his glasses. Those weren't just for show.

Also this has literally nothing to do with the page, but I've been thinking lately about how much I really ought to start actually advertising this comic and how much I loathe self-promotion (not people that do it, just doing it myself) and am not tossing around the idea of forming internet street team for DC? I don't want to call it a marketing team because that implies exclusivity when really it'd just be whoever is interested in making some social media posts or whatever about DC in exchange for like...a sketch request or something. It sounds a little off for some reason to me but I guess it's no different than buying ad space. I dunno, if anyone's got any input on this or would be interested in being part of such a team, let me know.

Anyway, Question of the Update: ...I dunno, think anyone'll ever bring Monty's glasses back?

Song of the Week: "The River" - Good Charlotte. I dunno I didn't have anything better.

And You Say...

LouLouBaBa says,

I would love to help u advertise your comic, I've loved everything about it and think it should have more fans. Is there anything u would like me to do? I'm no digital eagle tho :/

Timotheus (Guest) says,

Question of the day

I'd think someone will either return them or find a replacement (magnifying glass) if they really want him to try and interpret those note books. It's sort of a prerequisite for getting any results.

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

Maybe? Not sure Lunos cares, though his boss might.

Anonymous (Guest) says,


Aw man, I'm all caught up! I'll be following you on comic rocket, but you won't be seeing much of me--I like to wait for comics to get a few dozen new pages, and/or binge read from the beginning once a year.

This comic is amazing. Don't let anyone ever tell you it's not. As a comic with over a thousand published pages, I fell you should get some books printed. I have a long list of comics I plan to buy ("someday ", when I have money), and this would easily get up there. Also, you should definitely advertise. I've never seen any ads for this site anywhere (I found it with a most pages search on SJ)

Comments, anyone?