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Chapter 27: Page 8

March 24th, 2016, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Hurrah! This page is on time.

Please ignore my weird tea kettle/pot contraption because I literally just forgot that those are supposed to be two separate objects. It's's an elf thing. Yeah, let's go with that.

Also ignore my excuse for an old timey stove.

Question of the Update: What kind of tea is Grandmother serving?

Song of the Week: "Swing Life Away" - Rise Against. I dunno, I didn't have anything that fit such a mundane scene.

And You Say...

Bantiarna (Guest) says,


Actually there are tea kettle/pots that do both jobs (brewing and serving). You're good ;)

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

I did a double take wondering what you meant. Never seen a separate brewer or maybe I have and did not know it, but do have a few china kettles that would not survive a stove around the house. As for the kind of tea... one that is made with leaves? No idea not a big tea drinker, prefer normal water to most things.

ZZ Digital says,

We used to have a thing that pulled double duty. So it's not actually a mistake.

She's serving Bunny Tea, considering how the cups appear to be multiplying like rabbits.

Hazumirein says,

Well I'm glad my lack of knowledge of tea brewing isn't too obvious hahaha. I really have never made tea in anything other than a Keurig so I have no idea.

@ZZ Digital: I meant to answer this last week, but if you look close enough the cups are actually stacked in twos at first so they're not, in fact, magically multiplying haha.

Comments, anyone?