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Chapter 29: Page 23

March 23rd, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Well, one out of two ain't bad considering that I didn't have a working computer setup until, like, late Sunday night.

Aaand now I have to lug the whole thing back home and set it up AGAIN.

Question of the Update: I literally am too tired to come up with anything good right now. What is your favorite color?

And You Say...

SpiralofDragon says,

Favorite color is forest green. You must be pretty tired, though. Put the page description in the hovertext :D

Hazumirein says,

@SpiralofDragon: Oh Jesus Christ I did do that.

Actually the first time I uploaded this I hit upload without putting anything but the page I guess the hovertext was an improvement.

KingKomodo (Guest) says,

Favorite color? I have 3 though I think the dark bright red wins out. Like darker than blood and yet somehow light enough it seems to glow. I don't know how that works but if I see it, I'll know it.

Shaede The Black Eevee says,

My fav colour is black. It's such a pure colour.

Comments, anyone?