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Chapter 29: Page 38

May 22nd, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

WHOOO this chapter is finally over. That was a lengthy one. I didn't honestly think it was going to be that long, things just...took more space to draw than I expected I guess? Comic artist problems.

Please ignore how little sense the moon in the background of the last panel makes. I like it there.

Anyway, as excited as I am to start the next chapter, which dives into some new characters (again) and a whole new story arc, I am actually going to take a short break from updating to get myself moved into this apartment and deal with some family stuff and get some big work things out of the way. Basically the coming weeks are going to involve me basically never being home and packing when I am, so I'd rather not be stressing about drawing comics too. I should be back by mid-June. I imagine the dust will have settled by then. I may post some filler doodles in the meantime if I am able.

That aside, Question of the Update is the the standard end of chapter fare; questions, comments, and concerns about the story, art, characters, etc. are welcome. Fire away.

Song of the Week: "First Things First" - Neon Trees. I know I did a song on Thursday but ehh I'm gonna be gone for awhile so here's another. I've been saving this one for this scene anyway; I just like the vibe of it.

And You Say...

Birdz555 says,

Aww Riza's expression is so cute! And I love the lighting/atmosphere in the last panel.

I hope all your moving goes well!

Morgan (Guest) says,

jesus we're on 30 already?? where has the time gone... besides into reading webcomics at a devout pace i mean

Alterna (Guest) says,

Good ending :3 ok the moon doesn't make a lot of sense, but sometimes you just do what you like lol

Comments, anyone?