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Chapter 30: Cover

June 13th, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Sorry this is a day later than expected, but honestly that should surprise no one. Actually, it just wound up being a bit more detailed than I intended and therefore took longer.

Anyway! Here begins a new story arc with some new characters. We're taking a short break from Riza and the main crew to give Maya a bit of spotlight.

I tried to find a somewhat mild Spanish curse/declaration of annoyance for the chapter quote. Not sure if I succeeded. I'm sure one of you has a better one.

Question of the Update should be obvious: Who are all the creatures aside from Maya and Chico on this cover?

And You Say...

ShadowStalker1128 says,

Some dreamers and their guardians

I'm super excited for this!

EstherQuesada says,

Spanish quote...

Well, it IS an expression of annoyance... although it might be a little harsh. XD "Putada" is a strong word that everybody says, but if you look at its origin, "puta", means a prostitute. Other expressions could be, for example, "¡Menuda porquería!", "¡Qué rabia!", "¡Esto es un asco!", "¡Maldita sea!".

Depending on your intentions, you can choose. ;) "¡Maldita sea!" would probably be the more universal and less rude one for annoyance. Hope it helps! :D

HollyTheFluffyCat says,




ZZ Digital says,

Hakuna matata! Hakuna Matata!
It means no worries! For the rest of your days!

I'm guessing Ram is European dreamer and Jackel is Africas?

Hazumirein says,

@ZZ Digital: I was wondering if anyone would get the Lion King reference XD

Aannnd maybe that's where they're from. Maybe not. :P

@EstherQuesada: Hahaha yeah the original translation I saw for it was something like "how annoying" but then I googled it and it came back as a mixed bag of swear words. Then again, Maya's sort of a rude person all in all so maybe it still works? XD Anyway, thanks for the other suggestions, I may use some of those later. Remind me to consult you for miscellaneous Spanish phrases in the future haha.

dracone says,

I see we're moving our focus away from Miss Wolfe for a bit. We already know the Panther is from South America. Jackals are native, and of cultural significance, to Egypt, so that means the Jackal is from Africa, would be kind of amusing to see where they're actually from. As for the Ram, I got nothing on where they could be from beyond maybe Europe

Comments, anyone?