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Chapter 30: Page 5

October 16th, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

Okay. So.

I've been sitting on this page and the next one for like, a month, thinking I would get some kind of buffer together and start updating again. But then I never did that and I figure the only way I'm ever going to return to doing this is to it.

I didn't plan on dropping off the face of the internet for as long as I did. I've been really stressed about a lot of things, mostly the fact that my job is miserable (and I hate being there and feel like I've gotten so far off track from what I wanted to do that I won't ever get back), so I thought taking some time off of something I considered an obligation would help, but it's not even close to the root of the problem so all it did was make me feel horribly unproductive and somehow even worse about myself. I've literally been coming home from work and sitting on my couch and watching Netflix most nights, and that is just not the kind of life I can be content with; I need to be /doing/ something.

Anyway, you may notice this is somewhat less clean than usual--that's because it's traditionally inked. My computer is still acting up and I still can't afford a new one, so I minimized the computer work part of it. I don't plan on this being a permanent change but for now it'll have to do. It's also a good bit faster than doing everything digitally, so that's a bonus.

There'll be a page Thursday, that I can say for sure. I'll do my best to keep up after that.

In other news, I had an interview for another job a week or two ago and am putting out some other applications, so...hopefully something changes soon.

And You Say...

ZZ Digital says,

It's good to see you again, I really hope things take a turn for the better for you!

Alterna (Guest) says,

Yeah finding a job is tough. Sometimes you have to take a not-so-good job for a while and keep looking for one that will fit you. Take heart though, I know it feels awful for a while but it's worth slogging until you are happier!

Birdz555 says,

Glad to see you're back! I think the traditional ink looks great!

I wish you the best of luck in finding a good job. It's tough but I believe in you!

SpiralofDragon says,

Glad to see you back!!

And I think the traditional inking looks quite nice

Kingkomodo (Guest) says,

I like the traditional ink as well. As for the job hunt, I feel your pain. Took me 2 years to find one after leaving the Navy. Probably better odds for you. Glad you're back though.

Comments, anyone?