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Chapter 30: Page 7

October 23rd, 2017, 11:00 am

I Say...

Hazumirein says,

I'm...not exactly sure what the deal is with that panel of Riza's hands in her lap. Like I had something in mind originally and just sort of forgot what I was going for halfway through drawing it. I think I mostly didn't want to put another headshot there.

And You Say...

ShadowStalker1128 says,

well you're great at drawing hands lol
I like the angle in that panel :)

ZZ Digital says,

I actyually think it's a very nic way to show her head going down. Faces are akways trickey to get the right expression, this leaves it to the reader to imagine the proper face and still send the mood message.

Plus, yeah, changing up from doing faces all the time is nice.

Kingkomodo (Guest) says,

Well as I see it, the half dragons can be your enemies or your friends, and if the others have similar "pairings" like Riza and Dae it would definitely be a better idea to have them as friends rather than enemies. As for the hands, it makes sense to me, like Riza would probably be fidgeting at this point.

Jules (Guest) says,

Its good to know your ok

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